Upcoming seminar to focus on social media law

Are you a Pennsylvania attorney who is interested in how social media affects your clients’ business?  Co-course planner Nicole Galli and I are putting the finishing touches on a continuing legal education seminar that will provide practical advice about the interplay between social media and a wide array of legal disciplines.

The course, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, will cover topics such as:

  • Getting your Business Online:  Before using social media sites for business purposes, businesses need to know how social media site terms of service, privacy policies, FTC advertising guidelines, service level agreements, terms of use, intellectual property laws  and SEC regulations can affect that activity.  This session will cover the key elements of each area that attorneys need to know before advising clients in this area.
  • Social Media in the Workplace:  How state employment laws, the NLRB and other workplace issues affect the way that employers and employees can use social media.
  • Litigation Update:  An overview of the latest legal issues involving the use of social media in discovery, the potential impact of social media on juries, and movement of the court of public to an online medium.
  • Attorney Use of Social Media:  Practical tips and potential pitfalls for attorneys who use social media for marketing and communication purposes.
  • Industry Focus:  A discussion about the particular social media legal issues facing the healthcare industry, educational institutions, non-profits and companies involved in FDA regulatory matters.

The course is planned for the following dates and locations:

  • October 8 in Pittsburgh
  • October 9 in Philadelphia, with live webcast (webcasts.pbi.org)
  • October 18 in Mechanicsburg, PA

More details are available at the PBI website.

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