IAM Patent 1000 2012 published

Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) magazine has released the IAM Patent 1000:  The World’s Leading Patent  Practitioners 2012.  Each year, IAM surveys its readers and asks them to recommend patent litigation, licensing, and prosecution attorneys for inclusion in the list.  According to IAM:

The guide builds on the success of IAM Patent Litigation 250 2010 and the IAM Licensing 250 2011/2012, while extending the remit of our research to reveal the top litigators, licensing advisers, and – for the first time – patent prosecutors. . . . The extensive research process was conducted over several months by a team of full-time analysts, and involved over 1,000 interviews with patent specialists across the globe.

There are thousands of practices claiming leadership in this complex field; yet finding the right specialist remains a challenge.  To meet this need, the IAM Patent 1000 has delivered the most in-depth coverage of the market yet undertaken.

The IAM Patent 1000 is available on the IAM website to registered users via this link.   I am honored to be named to both the patent licensing and patent prosecution lists in the 2012 publication.

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