Book review: Patent Professional’s Handbook, by Susan Y. Stiles

Patent paralegal Susan Stiles recently published Patent Professional’s Handbook:  A Training Tool for Administrative Staff, an extremely helpful reference tool for administrative staff, paralegals, support professionals who work with patent attorneys and agents.  The book guides the reader through the nuts and bolts of patent filing procedures, docketing, and day-to-day job requirements for patent paralegals and support staff.

The book also serves as an extremely complete, easy-to-read, all-in-one-place reference nearly every activity related to patent filings.  It includes a host of USPTO contact information (a big time saver as compared to navigating the USPTO website), “how to” instructions for everything from electronic patent filing to recovery of USPTO electronic access codes, and many useful flowcharts and checklists to ensure that procedures are properly followed.

I highly recommend the book to any law firm and corporate patent law department, and I thank Susan Stiles for sending along a copy.

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