Last minute gift idea for patent attorneys: The Art of the Patent, by Kevin Prince

This week I received a copy of Kevin Prince’s beautiful new book, The Art of the Patent:  Celebrating over 200 years of patent drafting artistry.  From the complexity of a glass bottle manufacturing machine, to the simplicity of the iPod classic or the Google search page, to the majesty of the Statue of Liberty, patent drawings help describe an invention in a way that words alone cannot accomplish.  Kevin collects the best of these drawings in what may be the first “coffee table” book that will appeal to patent attorneys and artists alike.

As Kevin notes in the book’s introduction:

“Patent drawings” must conform to the legalistic guidelines of the Patent and Trademark Office. . . .  Yet, in many case, the patent illustrator’s sense of artistry jumps out between the rigid requirements of the patent law.  Drawings that go well above and beyond the call of duty have been enshrined in long-expired patents. . . .  This book is a tribute to the draftsmen who . . have spent countless hours drawing (and no doubt re-drawing) figure after figure with what at times can only be described as elegant mastery of the pen (or mouse), and an uncanny ability to bring beauty to a dry field.

The book is unique and fun gift for any patent attorney, agent, draftsperson or inventor.  (Or a gift to yourself, if you fit this description.)
Happy holidays!

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