Great Patents: Advanced Strategies for Innovative Growth Companies

When business managers, engineers, or non-patent attorneys are called upon to guide a corporate patent strategy, they often face a steep learning curve.  The differences that separate a great patent from a mediocre (or worse) one can be very subtle, but the financial implications can be huge.

The new book Great Patents:  Advanced Strategies for Innovative Growth Companies by David B. Orange tackles this problem head on.  With sections focusing on “Strategies” and “Valuation,” Great Patents uses clear and concise explanations to introduce the reader to important patent terminology, explain why patent claims  are so important, and help companies decide how to most efficiently dedicate resources to obtaining new patents.

The book includes several chapters that address industry-specific topics, such as

  • academic authorship vs. patent protection;
  • patent strategies for health technology companies;
  • participation in standards setting organizations; and
  • intellectual property ownership in government-funded projects.
The book also describes various options for patent valuation, what management should to expect in a patent dispute, and patent sales.

The authors sent me a complimentary copy, and I am happy to recommend it to new companies and existing businesses alike.  The book is a useful tool for business managers who need to understand the patent process and oversee a patent strategy that fits into the company’s overall business strategy.

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