Inside Intellectual Ventures’ kitchen

What do patent attorneys and foodies have in common?  Both will enjoy the latest episode of Freakonomics Radio: “Waiter, There’s a Physicist in My Soup.”  The hosts interview Nathan Myhrvold, founder of Intellectual Ventures and author of a new book on the science of cooking. 

In the episode, Myhrvold discusses molecular gastronomy, how to make the perfect hamburger, why he cuts ovens in half, and the future of food.  Listeners also get an audio tour of the Intellectual Ventures’ corporate kitchen.  To download the episode as a podcast or to listen online, click here.

2 responses to “Inside Intellectual Ventures’ kitchen

  1. I’d like to hear what Myhrvold has to say about the new 3D printing technology — which I believe just received at least one patent, and which will enable us henceforth to print our food. This new Star-Trek-reminiscent capability is technologically laudable, but seems like somewhat less fun (and maybe less tasty?) than cooking.

  2. First, I two disclaimers: a) I am representing a company against Intellectual Ventures; and b) this post is totally unrelated to my job, representation or firm.
    Second, I ordered this book on Amazon August 7 when I heard about it, and was looking forward to giving it to my wife for Christmas. She collects cookbooks. It had an October delivery. The delivery was postponed, and now it is March 7, which happens to be our anniversary, so I can still make a present of it. But before you heap any more praise on this book, make sure it ships! After March 7 I am out of holidays….

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