World Trademark Review survey seeks input on how industry is preparing for new generic top-level domains

World Trademark Review seeks participants for an online survey about  how industry is preparing for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs).  According to Adam Smith of WTR:

It is now almost certain that new gTLDs will launch.  So the trademark community is best advised to stop trying to improve the policy and focus instead on strategy.  External counsel must work out how to build business models around new gTLDs.  Meanwhile, brands must answer much more than the question of whether or not to apply to run a new gTLD registry; they must plan how to react to new spaces on the internet, how to restructure their internal teams accordingly and how to continue building and protecting their brand online.

This is what WTR‘s extensive new survey will uncover.  Open not only to WTR subscribers, the study will collect opinions from the widest respondent base ever consulted on gTLD strategy.  We’ll test the levels of awareness and understanding of this significant development and find out exactly how different organisations are preparing for it.  This research is an editorial, not a commercial, endeavour.  The results will be independent and therefore to the benefit of industry as a whole.

To participate in the study, click here now.  The survey will be available through September 15, 2010.

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