Upcoming webinar: ARRA incentives for health information technology

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) includes $800 billion worth of spending provisions and tax incentives for various industries.  The HITECH Act is a portion of the ARRA supporting the development of a nationwide health information technology infrastructure. The law includes grants and other incentives to encourage the adoption of electronic health records and health information exchanges.  The law also expands HIPAA standards to strengthen security and privacy protections of health information in the health information technology infrastructure.


On Thursday, April 16 at noon Eastern time, my colleagues Sharon Klein and Peter Adler will lead a webinar that describes the grants, incentives, and new HIPAA standards that are established in the HITECH Act.  


In the webinar, my colleague Jonathan Clark will also address the ARRA’s requirements for extensions of COBRA benefits, available federal government subsidies, and payroll tax requirements for recouping subsidized COBRA premium payments.


Details and registration information about the program are available in the full announcement at the Pepper Hamilton website, linked here.


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