Intellectual Property Colloquium: thought-provoking podcast for IP professionals

Doug Lichtman, professor of law at the UCLA School of Law, has launched what promises to be a very interesting series of audio conversations for the IP world.  Professor Lichtman’s new project, The Intellectual Property Colloquium, is an online audio program featuring conversations with guests from academia, the entertainment community, and technology industries. 

The first program is a recording of an engaging classroom discussion featuring Fred von Lohmann of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  The discussion includes a history of the doctrines of “fair use” and “volitional act” in copyright law, and it presents various views about how on-demand technologies might cause copyright law to evolve.  Future episodes are scheduled to discuss privacy law in the age of social networking, digital rights management, and the extent to which websites must police user-posted content.

The program can be streamed online, received by email, or downloaded as a podcast to your MP3 player.  Also, listeners in California, New York and certain other states can obtain CLE credit for the program.

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