US Presidential Candidates’ Views on Intellectual Property

Now that the field of U.S. presidential candidates is starting to narrow, and with “Super Tuesday” primary elections coming up next week, I found a recent post by Intellectual Property Watch to be very interesting.  In the post, which can be found here, IP Watch summarizes the presidential candidates’ positions on international trade and IP (especially as it relates to China), copyrighted content, Internet neutrality, and the effects of the patent system on generic pharmaceuticals.

If that’s not enough to help you decide who will win your vote, spend a minute or two with the WQAD-TV “select a candidate” online quiz to automatically see which candidate agrees with you the most on issues such as taxes, the war, health care and immigration.  (After taking the quiz, I wonder if my results would be different if WQAD included questions about IP in the survey . . . )

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